Are you taking a reactive approach to IT and calling in a contractor as computer network problems arise?

InfoTech Support as a Service

A proactive & innovative service model which enhances the value of our Service Agreement to our

At Beite, we provide strategic and operational IT support with our InfoTech Support-as-a-Service model.
Our support model is designed with flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness which is customised to
suit our Individual, SME and Corporate client requirements.

Beite Technical Support offers the following services

Assessing your help is just one click away

Our support hours are flexible and can be customize to meet your business needs

Improve business performance while reducing support cost Proven methodology that will reduce your IT support expenditure by 30% - 60% compared to the traditional on-premise IT support function. Our core value is to help our clients to improve their business performance while constantly reducing their support costs. So, you no longer need to worry about the availability of your IT staff relative to medical leave or holidays.

Workload based vs User Population based Whether you have a large user population or a smaller user group, the volume of IT issues that may arise daily do not relate directly to the number of users. Rather, it is based on the business environment, the number of activities undertaken and the workload. For example,

  • during a busy day, when the volume of business transactions is high, more issues may be expected.
  • when you have a large group of new employees joining the company, more requests may be expected
  • if user devices reach their end-of-life

Beite's support pricing model is based on workload rather that staff headcount which align better with business operation and support needs.

We adhere strictly to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards where issue classification and prioritization are crucial factors to the success of the ticket handling process.

Classification of issues

  • Incident
  • Service Request
  • Combination of the above

Issue prioritization - choose your priority
Although we treat all issues as important, there are times when some issues need a faster response and resolution time. At Beite, we offer priority support to escalate your most critical issues to the front of the queue, when required.

All issues raised are track and monitor on our web portal You will receive a monthly performance report(s)

Whilst the trend of 'moving to the cloud' is increasing, we understand there are many reasons for retaining your servers & other network equipment onpremise. By leveraging on our pool of experienced Engineers we will provide effective support for your critical infrastructure so you can focus on your core areas of business.

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Are you facing challenges with your client helpdesk support? And are looking out for ways to improve your clients' experience? At Beite, we are concerned with our customer experience with our support services, and we strongly believed this same value apply to your business as well.
We provide white label support for your customers via your helpdesk. Your end users will never know that your support is being outsourced.

Discover Beite Technical Support

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How we have leveraged innovative management and hiring to reduce


  • Maintain or improve service levels
  • Partner with client to manage its environment’s increasing
    size, diversity and complexity
  • Establish a culture of continual improvement and enhance
    user experience


  • Implemented TSaaS best practices, including incident &
    problem management
  • Implemented Outlier Management best practices
  • Established robust Knowledge Management methodology


  • 20% reduction in Average Handle Time
  • 25% reduction in Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)
  • 21% increase in agent satisfaction resulting in decreased
  • Exceeded CSAT/NPS and service level for 12 consecutive

Value Propositions

  • Highly Flexible : Support Hour matching business needs
  • Costing Method - Workload based not population based
  • Based on Service Management ITIL Best Practice with Experience Level Agreement
  • Incident vs Service Request


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