Remote Workplace

Work flexibility is becoming the norm. The challenge is how fast
can organizations provide it. Those that can are going to be in a far
better position to retain top talent over the next three to five years.

What will the workplace look like in 2021 and beyond?​

Based on current statistics, 63% of the workforce in the US are now working under their own volition from a remote location to the main office.

This trend is only set to continue on a wide spread scale to incorporate South East Asia and Singapore, which will brings its own set of unique challenges. For example, how would senior management and key stakeholders track the productivity and effectiveness of staff who are operating from a remote location, such as their home environment?

Work flexibility is one of the biggest emerging talent trends

According to LinkedIn’s “Global Talent Trends 2019” report, which combines a survey of over 5,000 talent acquisition and HR professionals around the world with behavioral data from LinkedIn, 72% of the interviewee agreed that work flexibility is very important to the future of recruiting and HR. And since 2013, we are seeing an increasing trend of employees wanting flexible work arrangements and would consider it as very important factor when choosing a job.

Work Life Balance

While the clearest benefit of work flexibility is greater work life balance for employees, it also helps employers attract and retain talent while boosting productivity.

With all the benefits of work flexibility, many companies are still holding back from fully embracing these desirable polices due to management concerns with

  • Maintaining Productivity
  • Internal and external work efficiency
  • Cyber Security
  • Risk on Data Leak
  • Availability of user support
"The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man"
American Educator
“Invest in your work-life balance. Time with friends and family is as important as times at work. Getting that out of balance is a path toward unhappiness"
Entrepreneur and Technology Leader

Our Solutions

At Beite, our Remote Workspace Solution is designed to meet this challenges. We offer unique tools to empower our  corporate clients to track the real-time performance of their remote users,  while at the same time providing support when needed.

Our tools also provide data leak protection and cybersecurity while maintaining security, productivity, business efficiency and company integrity.


Communication & Collaboration

We enables remote employees to be contactable via their direct office telephone number (DID) from a remote workplace and vice versa

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Workforce Productivity

We empowers line management with simple-to-use real-time monitoring tools to measure the productivity output of their colleagues working from a remote workspace. This ensures tasks and projects are completed on time and to scope

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Remote Helpdesk

We provides secure and proactive IT support for your employees and stakeholders operating from a remote workspace

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Cyber Security

 Relative to Process, People & Technology factors it is widely documented  that ‘people’ are the weakest link for cybersecurity considerations. The Beite solution provides high level protection against social engineering threats which will undermine your data network.

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Data Leak Protection

We provides protection against sensitive & important data being compromised from data loss or data leaks to undesirable external sources

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Risk and Compliance

We assists organizations to achieve compliance and remain compliant with regulatory compliance standards

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